There was something so sweet about the times Walt’s dad would come and visit.

Arthur, his son, would light up at the opportunity to cuddle up with Grandpa and read a good book. Unfortunately, like so many other grandparents out there, Walt’s dad lived out of town and those moments were few and far between.

Memories like this are even more precious to him now. Walt lost his father and his son within months of each other.  While grieving, Walt came across this picture of his father reading to Arthur.

Walt's father and son reading together
This image so beautifully captured the precious bond that reading aloud creates.

Walt began to wonder how he could help others make the most of their time together and create meaningful connections through storytelling. God painted a picture of a company that enabled people to tell Bible stories and nurture legacy a faith, regardless of the distance between them.

That’s how LuvYa Reader was born. LuvYa Reader is on a mission to strengthen relationships with the timeless act of storytelling, sharing the greatest story ever told. Now you can read, record and send Christian storybooks to the children you love, no matter the distance between you.



To share stories that matter and make lasting memories, send a free book at LuvYaReader.com or join our email list below. 

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