Spiritual Conversation Starters for Kids

Hello friends! We all know that one hour of church a week isn’t enough to raise a little one up in the Lord.

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And, there’s no doubt that us busy mamas, papas, aunts, uncles and grandparents are stretched for time. So, how can we ensure that the kiddos we love are hearing the Good News (if it’s not coming through our schools, TV, Internet, extracurricular activities)?


We choose to teach “as we go”, just as Jesus did.


In fact, we’ve got a few free resources to inspire Spiritual Conversations anytime, anywhere.


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 1. Proverbs for Kids

“I’ve been reading through the Chronological Bible in a Year Plan (on the YouVersion app). I find myself in Proverbs at the moment. I prefer to try and teach kiddos what I’m learning to avoid creating too much extra work for myself – plus it helps ensure I am actually learning as I go. Strangely enough, none of the children’s Bibles in our home have Proverbs in them– just stories from the Old and New Testament. That said, I had to figure out how to help our littles understand and apply Proverbs to their lives.”


*Read on* to find Spiritual Conversation Starters and Mini Object Lessons about Proverbs, created just for you and kids.


Proverbs for Kids_Sweet as Honey_withLYR logo Proverbs for Kids - Lend to the Lord Proverbs for Kids - Object Lesson and Devotion for Kids

2. Easter Conversations for Kids

While this is most fitting during the Easter season, many of these conversations are just pure Gospel message, so they could be discussed all through out the year. “I’ve decided that less is more. I’m going to focus more on intentional conversation than creating a list of endless crafts for us to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love crafts! It’s just that this season of life finds us racing to catch up. I’m choosing simplicity this Easter. I’m choosing quality conversations.”

Have spiritual conversations with your kids through the Easter season The kitchen and dinner table are wonderful places for spiritual conversation about Easter with kids you love

*Read on* to find Spiritual Conversation Starters and Mini Object Lessons about Christ’s death and resurrection, created to enjoy without having to spend time/money on crafts.


3. Attributes of God: Spiritual Conversation Starters

For this series, we decided to go about it a bit differently. Knowing that so many of us live life at a crazy, on-the-go pace, we decided to allow this series to be emailed to you every few days (includes PDF print outs). It’ll prompt you with the following information, all centered around characteristics of God:Spiritual Conversation Starter eBook Cover

  • A Bible Verse and how to Make the Connection to where you are
  • Open-ended Questions to get the conversation going
  • Key Truth to summarize with
  • Creative Ideas for how to connect with kids that *live far away*

This series includes the following Conversation Topics:

  • God is Love
  • God is Creator
  • God is Protector
  • God is Healer
  • God is Forever

*To Receive this 5 Part Email Series on the Attributes of God* click here.



For those who, like me, find it difficult to be intentional on a regular basis (i.e. I’m a “flash in the pan” kinda gal), here’s a scripture-rich prayer to keep us going.

Lord Jesus, you tell us not to grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we’ll receive a harvest. We cling to your truth and ask for your strength in our weakness as we attempt to share the greatest story ever told…in little, bite-sized pieces…for our little ones.  Because we long to see the kids in our life come to know you as one who loves them, protects them and offers wisdom for them. May we tie your word on our door posts and our foreheads, talking about it as we go about the day and into the night. In your holy name, Jesus, amen!

We are excited to continue adding to this list of resources, equipping more and more people to have the most important conversations of their lives. Do you have any to add here for us?

We’re all about sharing! Just comment below.


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