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Are the Seeds Falling on Good Soil?

This past winter has felt more like Spring with a few cold days speckled in.

While I shouldn’t be surprised of this Texas weather, my yard has seemed confused.

These cute little flowers adorn the corner of my yard.

Plant the seeds of Gods word into your kids

I know what you’re thinking, “those are weeds”. And you’d be right.

But, I was totally tolerant of them since they are better looking than many of the other weeds we typically get. That and, I was too lazy to do anything about it.

Not long after these sprang up, I began to see the dreaded, spiky thistles towering around the yard. They came with a vengeance.

That motivated me to get out with my trowel and begin digging up the thistles.

One weed into my endeavor, I realized the trowel wouldn’t be enough. The sweet little purple weeds had been disguising dozens upon dozens of thistles along the ground. Thistles that had rooted themselves deeply in the shade of the teeny flowers.

My spirit was stirred, recognizing how often the enemy tries to convince us that those little weeds around our hearts aren’t “that bad”. So we just leave them, unaware of what’s growing underneath.

The same is true of our children. I try hard to plant the seeds of God’s word into my kids’ hearts. But I wonder, how much falls on the good soil versus how much is choked out by weeds?

Our children are surrounded by a culture that chokes out the truth. Hours at school, on media and on a sports field can all be fine things. But sometimes, those activities add up to a lifestyle where the truth can’t thrive, hidden beneath ambition and tolerance. Sometimes those activities steal precious teaching moments with our kids.

So, what do we do when we notice that our kiddos aren’t receiving the truth?

I’d think that first and foremost we pray. We ask the Lord to reveal to us what the “weed” truly is; whether its a schedule that needs margin, a sin that needs to be addressed, or something entirely different. Like, maybe we aren’t leading them well…or that we have a sin in our own life that’s keeping us from being transparent in front of our children.

Lord, help us to be bold parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents. Let us recognize when the kids we love are unable to receive your word because of the demanding, busy lives they lead. If we notice a “small sin” in their lives, lead us to gently help them uproot it, knowing that there may be deeper sin involved. Show us how to protect them the best ways we can so that your word takes roots and produces a harvest 100-fold. Please reveal to us if there is something in our own lives that we need to uproot so we may lead well. In your name, Jesus, amen.

For a list of fun ways to dive into the Bible with kids in your life, click here. If you’re not sure where to start, no worries, just check this out.

*photo credit to Steven Depolo*

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