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LuvYa Reader for iPad Lets Loved Ones Send Bible Stories in Their Voice

“Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.” (Joel 1:3)

 # The Story

We are pleased to announce that LuvYa Reader has released a fun new app for iPad that allows friends and family to record Bible stories in their voice and send them to children they love. And it all started with a photo.

Walt Petticrew lost his father and his son within months of each other. While grieving, Walt came across a picture of his father reading to his son, Arthur. That photo so beautifully captured the precious bond that reading aloud had created in his family. Walt’s father lived out of state from them, so visits were limited.

He began to wonder how he could help others make the most of their time together and create meaningful connections through Christian storytelling. Realizing that tens of millions of grandparents lived far from grandkids they love, Walt recruited Steve Gurasich and Steve Martin to create a solution. Having founded GSD&M and SicolaMartin (respectively), these two agency executives were ready for a venture that had eternal value.

Walt said: “Kids light up when they receive these adorable eBooks. They instantly recognize the voice of the narrator as they watch the pages turn. We believe this tool could also be used by travelling parents, deployed servicemen and other relatives to bond with children from anywhere.”

And Steve said, “Sharing special moments with my grandchildren (and seeing them smile) continues to be one of the most important ways I spend my time.”

Together, they introduce LuvYa Reader Recorder App.

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# LuvYa Reader Recorder App

LuvYa Reader Recorder is the new app that lets people select a children’s ebook from the Book Shop, record their voice reading aloud in the online studio and email it to children.

The LuvYa Reader Recorder library currently has more than 100 Christian children’s books, devotions and prayers provided by publishing partner, Anno Domini. An additional 200-300 books will be added throughout 2016.

With LuvYa Reader Recorder, the user can record the titles with his voice in his iPad and then share it sending the recorded title to his relatives (which can be opened on an iPad or iPhone with the LuvYa Reader Listener app).

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 # Testimonials

“This is a wonderful way to bring God’s word to life and create a memory for the parent and child.” – Laurie Ann Lavallee, Director of Children & Family Ministries

“I feel special when I receive books on LuvYa Reader…they were sent just for me!” – Caleb, 7 year old user

“With LuvYa Reader, I’m a part of their learning to read. I’m a part of their life. I’m not someone who is far away and has little to do with their life.” – Dr. Paul Muench, Concordia University

“I was surprised how excited my boys were to pick out the next book to be read to them…and how my 7-year-old couldn’t wait to send a book as a birthday gift to one of his good friends.” – Kristen Parkhurst, Mom

 App Store Screenshot with frame_Share_1920x1080

# Content Highlights

– 4 free titles to begin sharing in a breeze
– 41 books, 15 Christmas titles and 24 devotions
– New titles published every month. More than 200 books in 2016
– Simple words and beautiful pictures
– Age appropriate for kids aged 0 to 6 years old
– Stories tested by families and teachers
– All content is strictly Bible-based and non-denominational


App Store Screenshot with frame_Record Benefit_1920x1080

# LuvYa Reader Recorder App Features

– Quick start and easy to use
– Record the titles page by page or in a continuous mode
– Record different versions of the same title
– Preview all contents
– Simple access to contents by age, theme or character
– Completely cloud-based system. The same account can be shared by different devices.
– High quality recordings: clean and sharp sound recordings with the iPad microphone.

# Pricing and Availability

LuvYa Reader Recorder App and LuvYa Reader Listener App are free to download and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Book category.

– Four titles can be recorded and shared for free.
– One page devotions can be recorded and shared for $1.99.
– Books can be recorded and shared for $4.99.
– Additional shares can be purchased for $0.99.

# Company Information

Founder, Walt Petticrew, recruited Steve Gurasich and Steve Martin to help equip and inspire families to connect and bond through the timeless act sharing Bible stories aloud. Together, they created LuvYa Reader. LuvYa Reader has launched a website (, the LuvYa Reader Recorder app for the iPad and the LuvYa Reader Listener app for the iPad and iPhone.

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With a heart to connect generations and draw children to God's Word, LuvYa Reader is made up of folks passionate about bringing the Bible to life in homes around the world. LuvYa Reader lets you read, record and share Christian eStorybooks with the children you love, from anywhere. Visit us at

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