Holiday Season of Play: Make the Most of Face-to-Face Family Time

For those of us who are separated by distance from beloved nieces, nephews, grandkids and other kiddos we love, it’s important that we make the most of the holiday season.

If we can be intentional through those precious days of the year that we actually get to be in the same room with extended family, we’ll create memories to carry us through the rest of the year.

We’ve compiled a list of fun holiday activities to engage children and have prized, quality time together.

1. Get Messy with Edible Paint – You’ll win “adult of the year” by making edible paint! It’ll be fun, messy and most of all, memorable. photo credit to TurkeyMomfall-apples-homemade-paints2

2. Make Snow (for those without a white holiday season) – We know some kiddos who absolutely love this project; this DIY snow is easy to clean up and smells great. I suggest doubling the batch for loads of fun!

3. Create Snow Paint (for those with a white holiday season)- How fun to get outside in the snow and paint it up!

4. Play Charades – Here are some hilarious, kid-friendly apps you can download: Charades!, Heads Up!, or Holiday Charades!

Holiday Charades

5. Play Ultimate, Touch Football or Kickball – Whether you stroll to a neighborhood park, enjoy a spacious backyard or wander out into the street, have a family-friendly game that kids of all ages can enjoy.

6. Have a Family Story-time – Turn off the TV for a while and curl up by the fire. Adults can take turns reading…or different adults be “characters” in the book, doing silly voices when their character speaks.

7. Make an Ice Wreath – Sometimes it’s nice to get out for a walk after a holiday feast, so stretch your legs, gather berries and leaves and create an ice wreath! photo credit to Artful Parent

ice wreath 2

8. Have an EPIC Indoor Battle – You stock up on Nerf darts before you gather together for the holidays for an all-out Nerf war…or roll up your socks and have an indoor snow ball fight! We buy our darts in bulk online….it can get expensive otherwise.

9. Do an Impromptu Skit – Here’s a couple of quick and easy skits, one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. You can go all out with homemade costumes…or keep it simple!

10. Apple Cider Object Lesson – Make a delicious treat all while teaching about the trinity.

11. Create a Leaf Maze – Try out this free activity – just grab a rake and create a maze in the front yard! photo credit to Happy Hooligans

leaf maze

We hope you enjoy some time with the kids you love most! Most of these ideas you can find in detail, pinned on the LuvYa Reader Pin Board “Holiday Season of Fun.”

For those of you who just CAN’T wait for the holidays to have quality moments with kiddos in your life, we invite you to send a free Bible story to kids you love right now.

Send a Free Childrens Bible Story eBook

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