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7 Reasons to Give Her a Break

The perfect pictures on Facebook and Pinterest may have raised our culture’s standards of how a woman’s life should look…

But, in actuality, we know no one is really perfect. We just show our best moments online.

So…maybe we should try grace first. And forego judgment altogether. Chances are, she’s trying her best.

Maybe before you saw her today…

-She spent time reorganizing a closet so the laundry didn’t get put away

-She decided that time with her kiddos was more important than cleaning out her car

-She spent extra time scrubbing bathtubs so she couldn’t do her hair

-She gave generously to someone in need so she couldn’t afford a new dress for this event

-She donated valuable time towards a community project, cause or her church and couldn’t Pin the latest home decor trends

-She patiently held her tongue with gripey littles all day and you just happened to witness the one time she snapped

-She had a major deadline at work so she was up until 3am and couldn’t make homemade cupcakes with fondant cutouts

After all, it’s our love that is going to change a life. Not our judgmental thoughts, glances and words.

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

Can you relate? We’d love for you to share more reasons to offer grace to the women around us. Just comment below.


*photo credit by Donnie Ray Jones

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