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A Prayer for the Weary

Jesus, I am Tired.

How many times have you felt this way?

I do a lot.

I knew that leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur would be a difficult road, one less traveled. After five years, you would think it would get easier, or that I would at least get used to it.

But, I have found that businesses are like children. When you get into one phase, and think you “have it down”, another phase evolves.

I hope this prayer helps all of you who are feeling extra tired today.

Founder of LuvYa Reader

Jesus, I am tired. So very, very tired. I don’t want to fake surrender any more. I want to truly surrender; to give up, to let You take the broken pieces and the stress of my life into Your capable lap.

Forgive me for micromanaging my life and my worries….my fears, uncertainties and doubts.

Forgive me for trying to live this crazy life in my small strength. Forgive me for making control and desires my god. I lay it down: worries, money, people, finances, health, grief. All of it. Please take it now. I give up.

 And I choose in this moment to entrust it all to You. If I snatch it back, please remind me that I’ve already given it to You.


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