Leading children to God through family devotions

Leading Littles: A Journey of Bringing God’s Word to Life in Our Home

Is reading the Bible to your kids on your priority list?

It has certainly been on ours. But, as seasons of life ebb and flow, we find ourselves struggling to keep it a part of our daily routine.

Knowing that are kids are a target (1 Peter 5:8), we’re wanting them to fall in love with Jesus and know His Word more and more!

But, as my husband and I attempt to raise the importance of the Bible in our kid’s lives, we battle these issues.

We’re struggling to find consistency.

We’re struggling to keep the attention of three little boys.

We’re struggling to add 10 more minutes to the bedtime routine, while Netflix calls our names (#thestruggleisreal).

We’ve tried a number of things –colorful storybook Bibles, daily devotionals for Kids, children’s Bible apps, object lesson books – all of which are good. In fact, I still plan on using all of those resources.

But we’ve failed to find the thing that is energizing, enjoyable and sustainable for our family.

Leading little children to love God and His Word

Whether it’s a new soccer season, caring for additional kiddos, or increased projects as work, there always seems to be something new to add to the already full family calendar.

Truthfully, for me, doing anything every day is a challenge, regardless of the stage of life.

Like reading the Bible alone, for instance. If I can’t even keep up with my own reading plan, how on earth can I make this work?

And, as a side note, if there are any other parents living in guilt about not reading the Bible (either alone or to the kids in their lives), let me take a moment to say that there is NO condemnation in Christ.

I’m not letting myself off the hook for having weak moments and sleeping in 20 minutes more, rather than having the diligence to get up and spend time with the Lord. But, I am saying that God desires our heart and that we seek Him (1 Chron. 28:9), far more than another religious ritual. So, while we should set ourselves up to win (i.e. go to bed on time so we can get up early for time with Him), we need to ensure that we don’t let the enemy bury us with shame if we miss one morning.

Sorry, rant over.

Anyway, I’ve thought about this for well over a year now. Scouring the Internet for what others are doing. Hoping that someone has the perfect family devo out there.

Will I find something that my kids enjoy?

Is there something my husband and I will like too?

Will I find something that is “meaty enough” to grow them, but in bite-sized chunks so they can digest it? (that sounds a little gross, I know)

Is there a way to find a balance with everything I’m already doing?

How can I ensure that the Truth of His Word sinks in – and isn’t just another story?

Well, I didn’t find anything specific that met all my “criteria”. And, can you believe that I waited a year because I didn’t find the “perfect” thing for us?

I did, however, realize that something is better than nothing…and that, in this Information-rich Age, our family’s priority needs to be consistency and depth.

Just like celebrity news, Bible truths can unfortunately fall victim to the fly-by-night society we live in.

Rather than letting the richness of God’s truth sink in slowly, but surely, I sometimes find myself searching for the “next  big thing”, as though reading and applying God’s Word were one in the same (James 1:22).

So, for this next season of life, I feel I’ve found what will work for our family devotion time. I wonder if it would work for you too.

-I’m keeping my regular reading plan

I’ve decided that, to change or “add” another reading plan (whether a Kid’s Bible or a children’s devotional) would likely get me out of rhythm right now. It’s far too important that I continue to learn as I attempt to lead my children to the Lord.

-We’ll base our family devotion time on what my husband and I are studying- 

My reading plan should offer context and backstory to our family Bible study time. Plus, the truths I’m learning will be on my mind more often throughout the day (Deuteronomy 6:5-9), so I can not only challenge myself, but my kids as well.

-Then, we’ll use various resources to apply the teaching– 

Because there are so many great resources already in our home and all over the Internet, I’ve decided to remain completely flexible here. I have the freedom to simply read the Kid’s Bible aloud. Or, I can spend a few minutes pinning relevant activities to hit the truth home. Variety, after all, is the spice of life!

One important factor for success is to find a way to work it into the daily routine. I’ve seen great articles out there that encourage families to find a specific time of day for the devotion (that works best for your family) and to set an alarm on your phone.

For starters, we’re going to attempt to make ours happen around the breakfast table.

You may find it easier to discuss over dinner – or right before bed. Just find a time that your family is typically all together and isn’t overly tired.

We’re excited to see what God’s going to do! I’m going to share this journey of Leading Littles as we go. Maybe you’ll join me on this adventure?

Here’s my prayer for us:

Lord, will you show us how to lead your children to you? We desire for our homes to honor you – and for our kiddos to fall in love with you. Please help us to be consistent – but above all to have hearts that seek you first! In your name, Jesus, amen!

We always welcome and invite your input – we’re in this together! So, please share your hopes, fears and what’s working for you/your family in the comments.

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