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5 Great Ways to Inspire Kids to Love the Bible

With fewer Americans knowing and understanding the Bible than ever before, we know it’s so important to take time and teach the children we love how wonderful the Bible truly is.

Sometimes, just a little creativity and fresh inspiration is the encouragement we need to incorporate God’s Word into the lives of our children. Find a few fun ways to engage with your kiddos and grow their love for the Bible.

1. Put the Truth in Motion.

Have fun and bring it to life! Using movement can improve long term memory of the Bible verse, all while making God’s word fun and relevant to children. *Try matching a Bible verse with relevant motions that help the child visualize the meaning.* Get more tips from Ministry to Children.

Dancing and cheers can increase Bible memory in our kiddos


2. Find Apps Kids will Love.

There are nonprofits (and businesses for that matter) working hard to create meaningful ways to connect kids to the Bible using technology. *If you haven’t yet, download the free YouVersion Bible for Kids.* The interactive and colorful Bible app is a blast for little ones and new readers. Find other great Bible apps here.

3. Record Christian eStorybooks for Playback Anytime.

Reading aloud is critical in teaching children how to read, so do it in a memorable and meaningful way, using technology your kiddos love. *LuvYa Reader lets you (or a loved one) record your voice online reading a Bible story and email an adorable illustrated, digital story to the child you love, allowing them to hear your voice (or someone else they love) as they turn the pages on their computer or tablet.* Plant seeds of God’s word and instill a love for reading into the children in your life. Send a free book to a child you love today.

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4. Stir a Curiosity for the Bible.

Creative activities and object lessons such as scavenger hunts, science experiments and crafts can help kiddos greater understand the meaning of so many beloved Bible stories. Getting hands-on reminds our children that God is the Creator! We’ve got a list of lists for you to try out.

Cooking and other object lessons can be fun and tasty ways for kids to learn the Bible

5. Taste and See that the Lord is good.

Try something in the kitchen together, letting the sweet aroma of Christ swirl with the delicious goodies you create as you bake through the Bible. *An annual favorite of ours is Resurrection Rolls that takes meaningful ingredients like the linen and spices uses to bury Jesus with and then, after baking, reveals that Jesus is risen!*

Do you have any fun or creative ways that you’ve helped the kids in your life fall in love with the Bible? We’d love to hear it! Please share below in the comments.

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With a heart to connect generations and draw children to God's Word, LuvYa Reader is made up of folks passionate about bringing the Bible to life in homes around the world. LuvYa Reader lets you read, record and share Christian eStorybooks with the children you love, from anywhere. Visit us at

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