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8 Ways to Connect with Kids You’re Far From

Sometimes life keeps us far from the children we love.

Don’t be a stranger next time you are with those special kiddos. Here are some practical ways to stay close, despite your physical distance.

  1. Play a board game over Skype or Facetime. Whether you teach them your favorite card game or ship them a duplicate board game that you already own, so much connecting happens when you just spend quality time having fun. Plus, technology lets you be face-to-face while you play.Mother and girl with E-book
  1. Write cards or special notes during your visit and hide them. During your next visit, put those notes in places where your child will find them once you’re separated again. Imagine how fun it’ll be for them to come across them throughout the day and/or week. As a bonus, it’ll give you more to talk about at your next phone call or visit. (reference)
  1. Text pictures of what you are doing. These sorts of random interactions let you be a part of each other’s lives. Depending on the child’s age, you could send this to an adult in close proximity of the kiddo or send it straight to the child. Don’t forget you can be silly with it!
  1. Record your voice reading a Christian eStorybook online. LuvYa Reader lets you email a colorful, digital story to the child you love, allowing them to hear your voice as they turn the pages on their computer or tablet. Reading aloud not only helps teach children how to read, it can plant seeds of God’s word and instill a love for reading into the children in your life.  Send a free ebook to kids you love (all recorded in your voice).

Read, record and send Christian eStorybooks!

  1. Draw, play or learn together online. If doodling or playing games online is a favorite activity for the child in your life, join them. There are plenty of multiplayer games that you can play online together. You can pick a silly, animated game or select an educational game.

Scoot & Doodle – draw together from wherever you are using an a desktop or iPad
Famigo – locate the perfect multiplayer app based on age, topic and cost with this app locator
Arcademics – learn together with these multiplayer, educational games on your desktop
JumpStart – play together on your desktop with this multiplayer, animated 3D game

Craft with your grandkids from anywhere

  1. Build something or craft. There are plenty of science experiments, recycled creations and DIY home crafts. Put your phone on speaker or crank up Skype to create together. When you have a common project, there are plenty of opportunities to create trust and strengthen your bond. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Home Science Experiments
Recycled Crafts for Kids
Stick Art
Easy Sewing Kit

7. Write a story together. Want to get those imaginations going? Create a story together, emailing each other one paragraph at a time. You can select some of the child’s favorite characters, yourselves included, and even use your past experiences as some of the plot and adventures! If you want to go a step further, you could have it printed out and/or bound upon completion as a keepsake.


  1. Mail a letter, postcard or a note with your favorite scripture. Connect in a meaningful way, sharing Bible verses and their significance to you. Explain a life experience you’ve had that made the verse more important to you. You could end the note with a simple prayer for the child, helping them apply the verse to their life.

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